Stallion Services

Breeding Soundness Exams


We offer pre-breeding season semen evaluation to ensure your stallion is fertile. We also offer breeding soundness exams as part of stallion pre-purchase exams. 

Breeding soundness exams include:

  • Libido assessment 
  • Physical exam of external reproductive organs
  • Semen volume and concentration from two ejaculates
  • Semen motility
  • Semen morphology
  • Ultrasound exam of testicles and internal reproductive organs

Phantom Training


We offer stallion board and training services to safely teach your stallion to collect using the phantom mare. Teaching collections from a phantom is strongly recommended for stallions that are shipping semen, especially if they are still competing. 

We have a collection of AVs and liner options to ensure you stallion's health and comfort. 

We recommend that stallions new to collecting arrive during regular breeding season and stay with us for up to 10-14 days.

Fresh Cooled Semen


Elm Creek Equine stands stallions for regular shipments of fresh-cooled semen across North America. We personally deliver semen shipments to the Winnipeg Airport (direct airline or preferred courier depot) to ensure semen is shipped without delay. 

Semen Freezing


Frozen semen is utilized for stallions that are unavailable to collect regularly. We recommend freezing semen from older stallions, stallions that are for sale or stallions with a full competition schedule. 

Equine frozen semen has lower conception rates and we recommend providing fresh-cooled semen whenever possible.