Elm Creek Equine Reproduction Centre

Indoor Board

Our premium board includes a 10' x 12' box stall with a fan, a drop-down window to the aisle, a window to look outside, rubber mats, deep shavings or straw, clean water, and unlimited hay (grass, alfalfa, or mixed). We feed Masterfeeds grain, oats and beet pulp,or can feed supplements or other grains as supplied by the owner.  This board option includes maximal turnout (at least 12 hours a day or as instructed by owner) in an individual post-and-rail paddock. 

Outdoor Board

Our economy board includes individual or small group (mares from the same farm only) turnout in a post-and-rail paddock or steel panel paddock. Our outdoor paddocks are located on sandy soil and cleaned regularly to minimize mud.  Wet mares are limited to outdoor board with shelters only (two currently available) - if these paddocks are full, then wet mares must be on indoor board. 

Group Board

Clients bringing a group of six or more dry mares may have access to pasture board. Mares must originate from the same farm, must not have foals on their side, and must be booked into the same two-week breeding slot. 

Mare and Foal Stocks

Custom stocks with a foal-box ensures your mare and her foal are safe and comfortable during all reproductive exams and procedures. 

Stallion Board

Currently, our stallions are boarded outdoors with shelters. Indoor board is occasionally available. Indoor boarded mare and mares with foals take priority for stall space.