Routine Health Care for your Horse



We tailor vaccine protocols to fit your program. We carry multiple types and brands of vaccinations, to ensure each horse can be protected with a safe  and sustainable vaccination protocol.  Get in touch for your free vaccine consult. 

Equine Dentistry


We believe in preventative dentistry: every horse should receive an annual oral exam, with dental floats as required.  By balancing uneven wear that can occur with continuous eruption, we ensure that your horse can perform at his best with a comfortable and healthy mouth. 

Parasite Management


With the emergence of resistant parasites, parasite management has become more important and more complicated than ever before. Let us help you build a targeted parasite management program for your facility. 

Annual Physical Exam


We recommend that a veterinarian perform a physical exam at least once a year. This is very important to detect minor health concerns before they become serious. Our veterinarians can give advice on farm management, nutrition, and preventative medicine. 

As of December 2018, we cannot dispense antibiotics without a current Veterinary-Client-Patient Relationship, which is established through a physical exam. 

Coggins Testing


We have partnered with Global Vet Links to provide  digital Coggins testing at a sustainable cost. Equine Infectious Anemia is an important disease to the equine population. Until a vaccination or cure is developed, we will push for surveillance and eradication. Coggins testing is required to cross the US border, and for many events and boarding facilities in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. 

Elm Creek Equine Reproduction Centre requires a negative Coggins within 6 months of your mare's arrival date. 

Veterinary Health Certificates


A health certificate, or export paper, is required for horses travelling to the USA.  Our veterinarians are accredited through the CFIA to provide health certificates and Coggins testing. We take pride in completing paperwork promptly and accurately to ensure your trip to the USA is smooth and enjoyable.