We love horses, and we love working for people who love horses. We are proud of our client base, and we love watching them succeed in sport, in breeding programs, or by simply enjoying life with horses. Our passion is seeing people with horses, and those horses living a long, happy and healthy life. We believe in preventative care, client and youth education, and sustainable, quality veterinary medicine. We are proud to offer our services to a variety of clients, ranging from recreational horse-owners to those that compete across North America. Our patients include barrel racing horses, racing Standardbreds and Thoroughbreds, reiners, cutters, rodeo horses, show jumpers, dressage horses, and breeding stock. We are also happy to partner with several large equine ranches in furthering the care, welfare and breeding of quality horses in Manitoba. 

In 2019, we are taking our practice philosophy to a global scale by teaming up with Equitarian Initiative. Stay tuned for exciting updates as they happen! 

Do you want your horse's picture on this page? Email a copy to us and we will put it up!