Racetrack Services: Thoroughbred and Standardbred


Racetrack Medicine

We provide general medicine, wound care, and diagnostics to horses at Assiniboia Downs racetrack, as well as the Standardbreds participating in the Great Western Harness Racing Circuit. 

Pre-Race Services

Pre-Race Services (72 Hour, 48 Hour, 24 Hour, and Race-Day) are available for horsemen of ASD. We offer Race-Day Pre-Race for horsemen of the Great Western Standardbred Circuit. 

Upper Airway Endoscopy

We offer upper airway endoscopy to diagnose and guide treatment of upper airway dysfunction in racehorses. Airway endoscopy is available following workouts in the morning for Thoroughbreds, or post-race for either Thoroughbred or Standardbred clients. Standardbred trainers can book a farm-call for on-farm endoscopy or scope after the qualifier. 

Joint Injections

We offer joint injection services for Standardbreds and Thoroughbreds- we offer a full line of intra-articular medication including intra-articular steroids (noting the longer withdrawal time),  intra-articular hyaluronic acid, Adequan, or IRAP. Joint injections are available in the morning at ASD or after racing/qualifiers for the MGWHRC. 

Racetrack Surgeries

We offer basic standing surgeries for racehorses including wound repair, standing castration, Caslick's procedure, and sternothyroideus myectomy (strap muscle surgery). 

Post Race Treatments, Endoscopy and Emergency Care.

We are available during racing up until 20 minutes past the post time of the final race. We offer post-race examination, endoscopy, and emergency care.